The things I get at garage sales

This is Tipsy, my pet sit pup on the Sacred Pillow wearing a sweater I knitted for her.
This is Gidget, my D.O.G. (when my mom was a girl she had a dog named DEE -O-GEE, dog). She will NOT wear a sweater willingly.
The girls like to play king of the hill on the stairs. The prize is the landing. Gidget is not happy. The landing is where she sits to play catch with my husband.. Tipsy is violating some sort of dog law.
When Tipsy's people travel, she and her pillow and blankie and her treat bag come stay with us. Her people work for Village Tours and drive the buses and host the tours. I met her owner at a garage sale, you may see a pattern taking place here.. I NEVER can bring myself to shop retail, it's an issue (except maybe that I did pay full and unreasonable price for Gidget). Anyway, they were on a walk and stopped to shop. I love animals and Tipsy was no exception. My comment about her cuteness led Cindy to confiding she really needed to find a home for her. She had tried before, but couldn't part with her, had given her to a family and then had taken her back after a poor fit with their kids. Cindy and couldn't stand to kennel her, suddenly I was offering to pet sit. My mother-in-law pet sits in FLA. and loves it. I thought my dog would enjoy company and having a play mate. Tipsy was not immediately sold on us as we were on her. It took time for her to settle in to the chaos of my home which was already inhabited by my bossy Schnauzer, a fat cat, a gheko, and occassionally my sister's pair of Sugar Gliders. We are now her second home and she has found her place and claimed her spot on the couch. In Kansas it's darn cold. Everytime Tipsy comes over, I find I am knitting or crocheting or sewing her a new sweater or coat. It's OK to make fun, just don't tell me you did! I still haven't asked how Tipsy got her name.. funny that I just realized that!

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