Hacked by Lauren =]

I'm Lauren, Stephanie's daughter. I'm sure you all have heard a lot about me. I'm the troublemaker of the family. We had just eaten a gourmet dinner, a frozen pepperoni pizza. One of my moms finest. I was asked to do the dishes, but told them "No, because I have a blog to do." I've been banned from Myspace (by my mother). - I do occasionally sneak on it. Actually you couldn't say I sneak on it, I've been caught almost every time. Ha. So this weekend I was sick. I thought I was going to die. I woke up this morning to my mom yelling at me down the stairs asking me if I want a smoothie. I came up to make something else. My mom was fascinated with her smoothie. She slurped, gargled, gulped, and chugged it. - Just to annoy me. I love these kind of moments with my mom. She makes me laugh, usually to the point where I am snorting, coughing, and gasping for air. She works for my grandpa, ( her dad ) during the week, and I am home schooled so I am with her everyday. My mom works in my grandpas office, it's also his house. My grandma is there with us everyday too (in the house part). When you get the three of us together, it's usually non stop jokes and laughter. My mom works with my grandpa's assistant, she's funny too. I don't think she gets to be this loud or as funny if she isn't with us. My mom and I had left the office for a while the other day, and came back. We asked Debbie ( my grandpas assistant ) if she missed us, and she says "Yeah, it was too quiet in here!" I love being with my mom and grandma. We always get to be loud - and proud. They can get kind of embarrassing though. My grandma lost her underwear at my fifth grade bowling field trip. She had the underwear stuck in her leg of the pants from the night before and went to cross her legs, and out comes a pair of underwear. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TEACHER. But, I can't make too much fun of it. I too, have lost a pair of underwear in public. I usually try on an outfit the night before school, and shower after finding the outfit. I had a really cute outfit. White Capri's, blue shirt, white tank top, and blue flip flops. (It wasn't so cute after this.) Anyways, I put the outfit back on the next morning and was ready to go to school. I started walking up the sidewalk of the school and noticed something around my feet. Yes. It was my underwear from the night before. I was so shocked and embarrassed. I kept walking, hoping no one had just witnessed that tragic moment. I was so blown away by it. I kept telling myself they weren't my underwear. I was in total denial for 8 hours. I couldn't wait to come home and check the bathroom floor. The minute I got home, I ran up the stairs to the bathroom, and there were no underwear. I laughed SO hard. I came downstairs to my mom and aunt. I couldn't stop laughing for a second. I started to tell them what happened. I snorted a few times. It was a priceless story though. ( It's only happened once. And no, it won't be the last. ) My grandma and I were on our way to Dillard's the other day and she says to me "There is something bulging in the crotch of my pants." I told her to check it out. (this just proves that it won't be the last time i lose my underwear in public. ) And so She did, Guess what it was. Her underwear from the night before. Ha, yeah. If she hadn't have noticed it she would have lost them somewhere in Dillard's. - I would have walked away from her and pretended like I had never met her in my life. My mom has had her hilarious moments too. We went to Wal-mart looking for a birthday gift for my boyfriend, Aaron. My mom is addicted to Knitting like it was an illegal drug. She knitted a scarf that had long white fringe at the end. It looked like a horses tail. We got our cart and proceeded to the jewelry section. My mom put her jacket and scarf over the handle bars of the cart, and as she was walking, the fringe of the scarf got between her legs, sticking out of her rear-end. My mom is beautiful and thin. She told me she thought the fat on her thighs were rubbing together. - That was my favorite part about it all.
I don't have a clue what I would do without these moments.

- Welcome to my life. =]


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decoratorgirl said...

If you have children, you already understand. If you have teenagers, you have sympathy for me. If you are Lauren, this is the tip of the iceburg. I love that you have a story baby. I love you. Thank-you for your post! Now go do the dishes.