Magically delicious!

Oh, Debbie, you crack me up! I dropped my kids off this morning at Mom's before heading out to the KS My Stitch Crochet Guild meeting at Twist. Debbie had on her green.. a string of Mardi Gras beads and was rockin' to some music and copying tax returns in the office. She had a sneaky grin. "Close your eyes.. I got you something" I opened them and the theme song came immediately into my head when I saw it. "They're magically delicious!" Debbie sent off for this musical bank with the proof of purchase a long time ago she said. The other day I had on a Lucky Charms T-shirt, the one that pulled me into the Goodwill where I found my stash of hankies last month. She remembered seeing me in it, remembered the story from my blog and brought this for me to have. I always wished I had the kind of mom that would save the receipt, the bar code from the cereal box, had the right postage, could find an envelope and would send off for the goofy toy on the box, any toy, any box. Debbie's that kind of gal. I love it that she did that for her kids and that she still had the little bank, and has passed the torch to me. What luck to have such sentimental people and thoughtful people in my life. My pot of gold is full.

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