The beholder

My mother's birthday is on Thursday. Yesterday we had coffee at the Hoffice on the newly decorated porch and complemented ourselves on how much we have improved the place. This picture is a "before" of what is now Mom & Dad's new bedroom. She will be miffed that I am not showing the "after", which is quite lovely and completely new. I post this picture because it reminds me of every home improvement project I have witnessed or taken part of with my parents. My mother can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.. there will be no disputing that. I have watched her do it my whole life. She sees things no one else can see, in a way no one else can see them. She sees potential, she sees beyond, beneath and in spite of.. she sees beauty. Right now she is trying to convince me to undertake a renovation in my home that she sees as completed and has visions of my family already living in and benefiting from. I see it, I know it's there, but I'm not ready for the work just yet. In Katy's eyes, it is already done. She has taught me through the years so many things, but most importantly to imagine, to create, to renovate and rejuvenate what life is and how I live it. I love that she still can wear me out, that I am her cohort in her adventurous life, that we have so much to share and build and decorate and dream about. I love not knowing what comes next, but knowing it will be fabulous and fun and unique and that in our pursuit of it we will be together and enjoying the ride. For her birthday I am doing as I'm told, getting her a gift that she has pre-selected. But I am also writing about her spirit and how important of a person she is to me, to my kids, to everyone who is her friend. I love that she sees beautiful things, even in an ugly world.

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