The hard way

Little Bunny Boo, Boo.. I think that is part of a song. My grandpa used to sing it at Easter time when we would drive to his mother's house in Oklahoma. There was always a HUGE egg hunt, gads of food and platters of.. Deviled eggs. They were the eggs that got boiled for the egg hunt, colored, but didn't pass inspection. So as not to waste, they were turned into Deviled eggs.
Which meant the already not so appealing trays of dry whipped egg centers were discolored every odd shade of food coloring, sometimes even the yolks were colored.
Plastic.. that's the way to go. Put a jelly bean in there, the kids will love it was the consensus. But there were those who couldn't let go, who found joy in dying the eggs, stinking up the house with vinegar. Tradition, artistry, foolery. This year I found this goofy little egg holder at the Goodwill, 49 cents. Two dozen eggs and a packet of magic glitter dust, and voila. Marginally decorated eggs. But the cups of dye were so, pretty, watching the eggs turn color and bob in the water, the choice of colors and freedom to experiment.. Priceless.
Happy Easter, plastic or not.

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