Simple little pleasures

Elvis let me take his picture all curled up in his pouch. He let me feed him an Apple Jack, which he was very greedy about! While he ate it and was busy, I was able to pet him without him barking at me. We got along famously this week, Jen came today to pick him and Leah up. I will miss Elvis! Can't wait for his next visit!
Lookie-loo.. I was shopping over at Mom-o-Matic's etsy shop and found the cutest EVER Cracker-Jack's charm she strung onto a sterling chain. I never get excited about arriving mail, but it turns out that is because I wasn't participating properly in the whole shop online experience that I know so many women enjoy! I am now a believer. The package was so cute.. love the business card.. I got a little bonus charm in my package that I would never have anticipated AND, yes and there was a fantastic smelling sample bar of soap (White Tea) from Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen.
I have to tell you, my charm is a Lucky Strike cigarette package with ciggies sticking out! This was the first brand of cigarette I tried smoking as a way-too-young-lady(?). If I could just take back that day.. But for a VERY reasonable $10.00, I now have a charm to commemorate my 2 years NO SMOKING anniversary coming on April 11. I have worn it several times.
I have decided though, that really if I think of it, the charm should really be a very humble reminder of what it was like to be 16, to be a little foolish and to think I knew so much. I wear it as much to remind me of my triumph over smoking as I do to remind me to be gracious with my daughter who is now being presented with these same challenges.

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PamKittyMorning said...

Ohhh Elvis is so cute. Love the little charms, the smoking charm cracks me up. I recently saw some candy cigarettes... I remember those as a kid, we'd smoke along with dad. I quit smoking about 17-18 years ago.. congrats on 2 years, they'll fly by.

And the mom thing.. I know EXACTLY what you mean.