Elvis is in the building

This is Elvis. He is a Sugar Glider and he belongs to my sister and her daughters, Brooke and Sam. I am pet sitting for Elvis and Leah, a sweet black Lab that also belongs to sis. Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY. This means I have two dogs, a Sugar Glider, a cat and a gheko in the house right now. Thank goodness it's spring break, the kids are home and the yard has a fence!
Elvis is a few months old, he's grown a lot since they bought him. Sugar Gliders make a barking noise when they are frightened, and Elvis used to squeal all the time, any little noise, movement or bump in the road. I started taking him several times a week and spending time with him to bond. To really be a good glider mommie, you need to spend 4 to 6 hours a day with them in close contact so they learn your scent, and start to see you as their "tree" and their pouch as their nest. It's been about a month since I have seen him. He is so much more gentle and quiet than in the past.
Jen has two other Gliders, Jackson and Priscilla. Jackson is a doll, he's so tame and gentle and such a ham.. he knows he's cool. Priscilla was purchased after they found out that when they thought they were getting a mating pair (Jackson and Milie, now Elvis), they actually had two males. Jackson and Priscilla got to go on vacation.. Jackson is a superstar and has to make appearances.
Gidget doesn't care what you call them or how special we think they are, she wants to eat them. Leah is protecting her baby. She knows Elvis is from her house, that her kids love Elvis and if Gidget doesn't watch it, she's going to be mince meat. She's trying really hard to be nice, but she has her limit.
Leah had a rough day, she just wants her people. Gidget is bossy and mean and stingy. Hurry home, Mom!


PamKittyMorning said...

Wow that's a houseful. Elvis facinates me. Do you 'wear' him during the day in a pouch? I guess a sweatshirt pocket would work too? I've never seen them in real life.

All the animals look fun. My to pooches just lay around all day.

decoratorgirl said...

Oh, yes, I wear Elvis in fashionable little pouches.. but it's been so cold, that I have had to tuck the pouch under whatever clothing I have on.. so he looks like a lumpy tumor on my side. A tumor that squeals and throws tantrums!