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It's summer, life is crazy as usual, but now with my gang in tow. Things have been turned upside down in our household since the last semester of school. Lauren, our teen found herself fighting a drug addiction and subsequently failing school. We had a rough start, but our family was fortunate because Lauren desired to go to drug treatment. She has had clean drug tests, met all the assignments and tasks that treatment and DCCCA have outlined for her. We stumble a lot, we have moments that feel like our family has come undone. But when we remember what we are supposed to be doing, loving each other, learning, talking, trying, accepting and being responsible - we seem to be able to pull ourselves out of the tailspin quickly. I have had the most unbelievable support system of family and friends. Wise women who have raised their children well and have gone through this before me, advising me, praying for me and loving me even when I don't feel very lovable. This album was created for a gift that I sent to my mother-in-law in Florida for her 70th birthday last month. I scanned it into my computer and used smilebox to make my own home-version I can visit when ever I want to. I thought it might be hard to make a happy album about my family when sometimes it doesn't seem very happy here, or the occupants of my home seem miserable. But it was easy. I still see the people I love, the people I want to help, to protect, to know, to grow with and share with. I still see my home as a loving place, a safe place, a place of love. I just see that it is also a place that shelters a teen and a tween and parents that need to be able to adapt to those needs. Perilous, yes, scary and sometimes very painful.. but so worthwhile when they smile. Thank you Lauren, for being who you are, every moment. Thank you Jim, for holding my hand, thank you Justin for being a brother, a son and a fine young man.


Mom O Matic said...

Who started spreading the myth that famlies were easy? I always thought when I had MY own family I would do so much different. So much better. The truth is we're all imperfect and the best families are the ones that know that, and help each other along.


Mom O Matic said...

Oh and I can't spell.