As if..

Lately I find myself crafting more, blogging less. These are gift bags I decorated with leftover scrapping supplies. Each gift was a piece of jewelry for the ladies I work with at Jackie Clark Designs. I can't stop making things, and they are often the recipients of my craft experiments or my shopping spree's from the week between our meetings.
This little charm is a scaled down copy of the front cover of Jackie's project book "A Mother's Love". It was a gift for Beverly, who is part of Jackie's design team and who is the proud mother of the cover model, Courtney. Courtney's son (Bev's first grandchild) is the beautiful baby model on this cover. When I made the charm bracelet for Jackie, I thought it would be a sweet keep sake for Bev or for Courtney to have a charm as well.
For Jackie, I found this darling little sewing machine and added a sterling and turquoise heart charm from an old necklace I had. I LOVE to remake things. The tags are scrapping supplies that were left over from other projects. I made some earrings for Claudia, but the photo didn't turn out so great.
When I am not making messes, I am resting on the couch and watching television, dreaming of the things I want to do next, avoiding house work and hoping no one notices. The dogs always notice and are delighted that I am lying prone for a snuggle.
This is the chaos of moving my craft room again, sorting clothes for the garage sale we had last month and evidence that I shouldn't ever step foot into another thrift store again. It boggles the mind that I have time to lie on the couch which is hidden behind this bohemoth mountain of clothing and fabric. AS IF.. No, I don't have time, but I do try to make the time, isn't that right, Ladies?

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