KS My Stitch: More May Photos

Stephanie's knitted purse, made from recycled fabric, buttons, & handles from another purse. Stephanie has entered her purse into a contest. If you go to http://www.makeitminemag.com/ under community click on "Challenge Gallery" you will see Steph's purse. We all wish you a lot of luck! I think you have a winner.

Last month I went to the KS My Stitch crochet guild.. empty handed, sort of. I did not complete the crochet assignment. Surprise. I have found that I don't follow directions well. I don't like to count my stitches, patterns are hard. I'm just not good at it and heaven forbid I should do something that is difficult and challenging.

So I took my knitted purse and Tamara was sweet to include it on their blog. She is learning to post and take and upload pictures.. it's been fun to see everyone's projects.

The meetings are fun, but truly, I am not a crochet artist. I'm a lazy knitter.

So here it is, by begging for votes for this contest I entered. If you follow the link above that Tamara so sweetly included in her post, you can register to vote. My little red and green knitted purse is there waiting for some of your love.
Look, this ugly mugly picture of me is just evidence that I need something good and exciting in my life!!


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Debbie said...

You got my vote! Love the purse!