Can I get a minute?

It was time to update my blog. I made a few fun changes and added a new banner. This week was about cleaning house, making decisions and letting go of things that don't work for me anymore.
I mentioned once that I stopped decorating and designing when I became debilitated by an "injury" to my foot. Well, I have had some breakthroughs and some let-downs in trying to treat the pain. I felt as though I was getting my life back a little after a successful cortisone injection, then it wore off and I had to seek out another doctor, as the doctor I was so happy with left this area for Dallas. I followed up with another doctor, another injection, but no pain relief. I just finished four weeks of physical therapy (third time around now) and minimal pain relief using iontofreesis (totally spelled that phonetically) which pulls an applied steroid deep into the tissue using a negative ionic charge. Upon my followup with the doctor and my 6th set of Xrays to evaluate the results of P.T., my doctor suggested I should get some over-the-counter gel inserts from WalMart and come back in 5 weeks. Had I only thought of that, I could have saved myself around $1800.00 and eight hours in the doctor/P.T. office. Dr. Scholl's, here I come!
That wasn't working for me.. I decided not to reschedule another appointment.
So I am back to wearing a Ten's unit and I do find some relief.. but this can't be the best I can expect! Wanted: Doctor that will listen, think outside the box, doesn't mind treating a Type 1 Diabetic and can spend more than 5.5 minutes per visit considering alternative medicines and techniques to treat pain. Anyone?? Anyone??

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