Come see the Babies!

Several months ago, I announced that Jackson and Priscilla, my sister's sugar gliders had their babies. We have had the wonderful opportunity to babysit and be part of the excitement of taming and training the new babies. Barney and Petrie are their names (this week), both males, both sweet and snuggly and precious.
The parents were very young when my sister got them, but there is such a difference in the level of trust and comfort with these little babies. The adults are not comfortable being held in your hand without something to hide under (little scrap of fabric or towel). But the babies will come to you and walk onto your hand freely.
They are bigger each time I see them, they change in many ways and are amazing to me.
My nieces put them in the pockets of their shorts and walk around with the babies while they sleep snuggled in a pocket full of lint and gum wrappers. Cute, cute, cute!

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