The babies are visiting. Some time ago I started calling them Sugar Babies instead of Sugar Gliders..
Elvis is in the building.. and so is Jackson, and Priscilla and Tipsy - Momma needs shoe money! This is my baby, Justin, 8 snuggling with Jackson, the sweet and gentle and fun-loving sugar glider. Guess who's a daddy? Jackson! Priscilla has two little peanut sized squirming babies in her pouch! You can see them practically doing back flips in there when she holds on to the side of her cage. I have no idea when we will see a baby, but could be a few more weeks. My sister had surgery and is doing well, but needed someone to take care some of her babies until she is strong enough to multi-task through life with children, work, pets, pets, pets and housework again. So I am getting lots of time to get to know all the babies one on one.
This is Elvis. We are getting to be pals. He isn't grumpy or sassy like in the past. He is mellowing out. We snuggled on the couch and watched a movie the other day. Last night I let him spend some time in a little toy tent that he is perched on in this picture. He was being adventurous and sneaked out the top and climbed under the blanket on the ottoman and "hid" from me.
This is the little tent and his dish cloth that he sleeps on. The tear on his ear is from Jackson when Priscilla came to live with them. Jackson won the fight and Elvis and Priscilla are a couple.
This is Tipsy. She has had a long stay this time. Eleven days this visit. Here for the entire meltdown I had over the last two weeks or so over my daughter and some "teenage-life-sucks-I-hate-you-I'm-running-away-crap" that moms must go through as part of some secret "life-as-Mom-initiation-torture-session" that can only be slightly less painful than dental surgery sans anesthetic. I have been accepted into the society and recognized as a worthy party member. This photo is from my week long love affair I was having with reality TV and my sofa. Tipsy loves when I am depressed because I loaf and she snuggles. I think this was day three of my establishing my sofa empire, no care for personal hygene, no consideration for wardrobe (note the American "Pride" Tshirt- I'm pretty sure I had NO pride). Tipsy cared not. I cared even less.
Today, I was however dressed, accessorized, lip gloss flawlessly applied and on time for work for Dad - day two. One can only hide for so long and I can only be homely for so long before I snap out of it. I do have a certain admiration for women who can truly not give a hoot - permanently.. but I am far too vain. I do have to finally roll my face in the make-up trough and put on some high heels or I just can't take it.
The discord in our family has been healed for the time being and was properly celebrated by my daughter and I spending the evening shoe shopping. Glory be and thank heavens for a good Payless BOGO sale. Shopping heals many things..priceless.

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Debbie said...

So glad to have you back at the office! I want to see the Sugar Babies when they make their appearance into the world.