Missing in action..

I've been busy. Crazy. Then busy, then crazy-busy. My computer was ill and did not like the internet for about two weeks. I was forced to read blogs at other people's homes, on strange computers. Then, hubby lent our camera to his brother and I nearly had to be committed. No computer, no camera, no life. I did get creative and made lots of jewelry and trinkets and did lots of knitting and some sewing. This purse is one of the knitting-sewing combo's I worked on last week. It is made by tying together 2" by 10-16" scraps of fabric and then knitting them into a rectangle. I sewed a lining and gussetts for the sides and then added bamboo handles I took off a Goodwill purse I bought just for the handles. One of the many things that I had on my mind during my computer and photography black out was a contest I considered entering. The magazine "Make It Mine" is having a contest which challenges you to make a purse from unusual items. There is a small prize, but mostly I just wanted to see what would happen if I tried it. So, if you go to http://www.makeitminemag.com/ and under "Community" click on "Challenge Gallery", my little purse should be showing up there as a contestant. The last time I entered a contest like this I was in 4th grade and it was a Bake-Off. I won a blue ribbon for the cookies I made.. but this is a whole other kind of ball park. Wish me some luck!

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