Showin' off a little

It's no secret that I love the Goodwill, thrift stores, garage sales- any form of resale shopping.
This week was the mother load. My friend Amy and I went to Burlington Coat Factory for their clearance sale.. usually not my first stop for clothing, but was assured clearance was the bomb.. $0.99 to $9.99 - practically thrift prices. We were shopping for a friend who gave Amy $100.00 to pick out anything Amy thought she could use, wear or needed. HELLO. Love to shop with other people's money. We found lots, this gal is a size 2/Small. But I was also shopping for myself and my daughter. Found a cart full and had good luck with fits. Spent too much, but was worth the money for how much I got! The table above came into my possession on Tuesday when I went to the Goodwill with Mom. She was looking for a shelf. I was not looking for anything. I was poor from shopping at Burlington. BUT, this great table was there and it had four great chairs. Its an oval refractory table that extends to 10 feet. The chairs were in good shape. It was $100.00 with the chairs. UGH. I didn't have $100.00. There was a lady standing nearby watching us wiggle and bounce and tug on everything to see what the condition was. She shared that there was a KFDI customer appreciation 1/2 price coupon that you could use on your entire purchase. Enough said. See my new $50.00 desk? In the kitchen are the "free" chairs.

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