Hanky Panky

Several times a week, I work from my dad's office doing data entry. I take my computer, without it I am useless there. Most of my jobs require that I take my computer with me. Yet on Thursday I walked straight out the door with only a cup of coffee in my hand. No tools of the trade. Fortunately, his office is not far from my home, and I realized my error quickly enough to turn around. It was snowing, I really didn't want to get out of the car. My husband was off work at home and had scraped the windshield and warmed up the car for me. But to go on without my computer was ridiculous. Turing back to retrieve it, also a quandary. I might not want to leave again. To settle my inner battle, I pulled into the parking lot of the Goodwill, conveniently halfway to work and halfway home. I called the boss to report my tardy, make sure I was truly needed at work today. I confessed my location and stated I would be further late, I must go in. The mannequin in the window was wearing a "Lucky Charms" t-shirt. I was feeling lucky. My mother and I have long believed we have "retail" angels. Little angels above who direct us to the best goodies, just at the best time, just when we are in need of such an item. More than luck, a forceful guidance. I was doubtful at first, but have become tuned in to this guidance. I have witnessed my mother describe a seemingly unattainable item she wanted to purchase, to every detail, often giving her wished purchase price, then the item appears on one of our shopping adventures, placed right in our path. She is lucky, she is almost never disappointed in her retail wishing. What might be waiting for me today?
My workroom at home tells the story that I NEED nothing, that I have more than I can manage.
But in the linen aisle of the Goodwill, I find treasures that I can't pass up. Someone like me had a treasure of sweet hankies they were parting with, each one lovelier than the last. I loaded them into the cart and knew I had left my computer at home for a reason.
Happily I left to retrieve my computer and finished my day's work. I rushed home to clean my workspace so that I could enjoy my new goodies. I had not felt like cleaning it for several projects in a row and it was overdue. I had found this lavender linen spray at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and thought I had the perfect opportunity to try it out. It made ironing the little hankies a fun experience. My room was clean, the hankies pressed and everything smelled so pretty.
Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration to get us moving, for me all the inspiration needed was a stack of handkerchiefs for the mere price of $1.49 (and half a day's lost wages). I used them today in a window display and was so happy to have them on hand. Unexpected joy.

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