What's cookin'?

Day One:Katybug showed up today to start painting my kitchen cabinets. This project was started quite some time ago and only now have I felt well enough to finish what I started. It helps that Mom volunteered to help me paint.
My porch is now covered in drawers and cabinet fronts all primed and ready for paint. We took off hardware and emptied drawers and stacked things precariously.

This is where it all began and before I started painting.. two years ago. We remodeled the kitchen cabinets and installed granite countertops when we purchased our home and before moving in. Our ceilings are ten feet high on the main level, and after taking down some decorative beams, I was able to reconfigure the existing cabinets into a new formation and stack them to the ceiling and add crown molding.
Currently: I painted all the upper cabinets antique white and installed lighting inside. This picture below is after moving the cabinets, but before painting and tile work. We also installed plate racks to fill in the gaps that moving the cabinets created.
After painting them, they looked very nice. I loved the transformation, but at about this time I started to have trouble with my foot and thought I might leave the lower cabinets unpainted.
The time has finally come, though, to paint the lower cabinets. Today was the day!
Right now it looks like chaos run amuck. And again it is a sandwich night. Looking at these pictures does allow me to see that we have progressed, even if at a painfully slow pace. Funny, husband did not know when he left for work that I was going to tear the living heck out of the joint and slap some primer around. His response? "Oh, good, another project". End of discussion.
Day Two: I have painted the first coat of off white base paint and it already looks so much better. The fact is that I have been living in denial so long, I didn't know how awful this kitchen looked until I started to paint it! I am guessing I will work through the weekend before I have the project completed. More updates with the finished results.

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